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Treatment of locomotive apparatus and nervous system belong to the main specialization of our spa. Except conditions after injuries and surgeries we treat cardiovascular diseases and burns. Natural curative source - iodine-bromine brine and modern rehabilitation are an ideal combination of effective treatment. In addition to curative stays we can offer relaxing stays and procedures for everybody. The modern wellness centre daily offers swimming pools, saunas, massages, baths and unique Polarium.



 Czech Saudi Medical Company (CSMS) – the subsidiary company of Darkov Spa – won Dr. Ghazi…more

New presentation in Arabic

Presentation about Darkov Spa in arabic language includes: basic information, history, treatment,…more

Polarium - frost therapy

Cold therapy has been used in medicine for long time.more

Darkov Spa the place where people learn to walk again

The Darkov Spa, together with Karlova Studánka Spa, and Klimkovice Spa make up the trio of most…more

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